These days exceptional developers can pick and choose where they want to work. Finding a well-paid isn’t the issue. So how do you arouse the interest of such rare talents?

The best way is with video. Video is by its very nature dynamic and leaves a more immediate impression than static content. Video also allows you to convey a true sense of your company’s atmosphere and a typical work day to those potential developers.

We have produced a multitude of videos geared at developers. We are remarkably good at pinpointing the needs of this target group, as we work closely with them on a day-to-day basis. Our parent company, movingimage, develops enterprise-grade video software solutions; and with around 50 in-house developers, it’s safe to say we spend a considerable amount of time with them. We work, game and eat lunch with them regularly, cultivating a close professional and personal relationship.

Recruiting videos for software developers need to be unique and personal. They need to hit a special spot and speak to techies in their language.


Most of the developers we’ve employed in the last few years have said that our recruitment videos played a deciding role in choosing to work here.

Here is a selection of the videos we have produced for movingimage.

This 2015 employer video illustrates how we work. Openness, a sense of humor and agility shape us; as well as the unique atmosphere of our office by the Spree…

This personal tour presented by one of our techies was a great way to approach our target group. Free of rigid corporate correctness, it exudes a relaxed improvised atmosphere.

But take heed: this isn’t something that can simply be created on your own with just a mobile phone. A layperson who films themselves tends to come across as rather stiff. You can’t create authenticity out of thin air. When producing films, being able to make someone feel comfortable and forget they are in front of a camera is the real mark of a good director.

Yes, we too are looking more and more for foreign developers, because each of them adds something unique and of course because there aren’t enough of them here. We’ve produced this video to target talented international developers.

This short spot looks surprisingly absurd. Ideally to use it as a short ad in social media such as Facebook.

Show the whole company in one go – it’s possible with a VR tour!

Recruitment videos don’t always have to have an aggressive pitch as to make a case for you as an employer. You can also incite the interest of your target audience with videos depicting your working methods or special company characteristics:


Our production for Trusted Shops wasn’t just aimed at developers, but product managers and account managers too. The video is a good example of how an employer can make a good impression in the span of 2 minutes.The team comes across as having a sense of self-irony, professionalism, and a strong innovative spirit – really engaging the audience in the process.

The video received a lot of positive feedback from applicants and won the HR Excellence Award in the employer video category.

The digital lab is a little piece of paradise for developers. Based in Berlin, this hotbed of innovation for the Volkswagen concern works with new methodologies to create the ideal conditions for developers. The video focuses on the innovative way we work in the lab.

The video for infoteam is a classical recruiting video. Even these kinds of videos can be effective if you can convey an authentic picture of the company and strike a cord with developers.


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